How Bad Can It Be? Why Staying In Jail May Be Worse Than You Think

Being arrested can be so shocking that some don't know what to do next. If they are offered bail, the next step is preferably to take that offer and get released. Unfortunately, some think they are better off saving some money and staying put until their court date arrives. Read on to find out why that is such a bad idea in so many ways.

Jails Are Bad

No one can argue with the above statement, but many have no idea how dirty, crowded, and dangerous their local county or city lockup really is. Inmates can be kept for months while being subject to beatings, sexual assault, little to no medical care, and worse.

Jails Are Lonely

Particularly since the pandemic began, visits from loved ones can be few and far between. When they do happen, you can expect to view your spouse and children through a video monitor rather than in person. You might also want to consider whether or not you want your children to see you behind bars.

Jail Can Cost You Your Job

Not too many employers will wait patiently for you to be let out of jail and return to your job. The longer you are incarcerated, the more explaining you will have to do to your boss. Losing your job can only make your financial situation far worse.

Jail Is No Place to Plan a Case

It's nearly impossible to work on your defense from behind bars. While you may be allowed short visits with your legal counsel, it's not usually nearly enough. Also in jail, it's nearly impossible to guarantee attorney-client confidentiality with your lawyer.

Jail Is No Place for Long-Term Living

You might think your case will come before a judge in a matter of weeks, but that is seldom an accurate estimate. More and more often, court cases are being postponed because of the pandemic. That might mean a wait of a few weeks will turn into a wait of several months.

Jail Is No Replacement for Bail

One of the main deterrents to freedom from jail is the high cost of bail. Not many have thousands of dollars for bail. Fortunately, an option exists to have you out of jail and working on your case in no time. Rather than pay the full cost of bail, pay for a bail bond. Bail bonds are offered by third-party private agencies for a fraction of the cost of bail. Phone a local bonding agent and find out how easy and inexpensively you can attain freedom.

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