How To Choose A Good Bail Bonding Agency

You will need a quick and efficient way to bond your loved one out of jail and a bail bonding agency is just the specialist you need. These agencies do nothing but expedite bonds with the correctional system in return for ensuring the accused returns to court and follows the rules. For a small sum of money, you can have your loved one released without having to put your home on the line or empty out your savings account. Bail bonding agencies are numerous and it can be difficult to know who to trust to be honest, easy to work with, and understanding. Read on for a guide on choosing a good bail bonding agency to gain the release of your loved one.

One Stone Two Birds

If your loved one is in jail for any reason, they will need a criminal defense attorney. Once you consult with an attorney about representing your loved one, you can get a bonding referral. Getting an attorney onboard early on in the process might be necessary. For example, if your loved has been denied bail or their arraignment has been delayed, an attorney can help get things moving and lobby for bail. Criminal law attorneys work with bonding agencies all the time and have likely built up a relationship with several that they can recommend. Referrals can also mean a lower bond fee, in some instances.

Check the Reviews

It's become almost second nature to check out restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, and more by taking a look at how others have fared when doing business. Bail bonding agencies can also be researched using Yelp, Google, and even Angie's List. Keep in mind that people do not always post reviews when they have positive experiences, so consider what you read with that in mind. Do pay attention to the negative reviews and see if a pattern of problems emerges. For example, if there are frequent complaints of harassment, unfriendliness, difficulty in contacting, etc, stay away. Most bonding agencies have business websites now so take a read of the online testimonials.

Look for Local and Licensed Agents

Many bonding agencies are near jails. Since most of the time the agent is responsible for appearing at the jail to pay and execute the bond and to see to your loved one's release, it's just more convenient. Hiring an agent in the nearby area has its advantages for you too. They understand local legal customs and rules, know who to speak to about bail issues, and are comfortable with how the local jail operates. Knowing these things will make it easier for you because you'll know what will happen next. It also might mean a quicker release for your loved one. Be sure to verify that your bonding agency is licensed to practice in your area. That protects you against unscrupulous practices.

Understand the Contract

A bond is a legally-binding contract and you should fully understand what you are signing before you do so. A good bonding agency informs you completely about the fees and the conditions of the bond. Bail bonds are usually about 10% of the bail, so make sure the fee is spelled out in the contract along with any additional fees. Additionally, some bonding agencies have conditions to follow on top of the bail conditions the court imposes. For example, your loved one might need to report in to the agent on a regular basis.

Speak to a local bonding company, like Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds, when your loved one need help.

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