Possible Property You Can Use For A Bail Bond If You Have No Cash

No one ever wants to believe they will find themselves in a sticky situation and behind bars, but this can happen easier than you think. there's no way you can really plan for such an event, but what you can do is educate yourself about your options if you ever do get in some kind of trouble and go to jail. Thankfully, most of the time, you can work with a bail bonds agent to get out of jail pretty quickly as long as your crime is nothing too serious.

Even if you do not have the cash to pay a deposit on a bail bond, if you have some form of tangible property, you can usually get the bondsman to work with you. Take a look at this short list of property types that you may be able to use as collateral to help you get out of jail:

Vehicles - Vehicles can stand good for their fair market value because vehicles are fairly easy to sell. Therefore, if you have no cash and your bonding agent requires a down payment or deposit, you may be able to offer your vehicle as collateral. What this means is, the bondsman will be the lienholder on your vehicle's title, so you will be required to pay the bond back or risk losing your car. The process of adding a lineholder to your vehicle is fairly easy, though, so this is often a preferred route.

Real Estate - A tract of land, a building, or even your home are all examples of real estate properties that you can probably use to help you get out of jail if you have no cash at the time you are arrested. Using real estate as collateral can be a little more complicated, especially if you are still paying on the property. If you have some sort of equity with the current mortgage holder, you can usually use this as collateral by adding the bonding agent on as the secondary lien holder. 

Jewelry and Other Small Valuables - Some bondsman will accept small valuables as either a form of payment or a form of collateral for the bond. Whether it is a piece of valuable jewelry, and expensive phone, or something else, exchanging small valuables for bond will probably mean you will have to leave the item with the bondsman until you can bring cash to pick it up or sign the item over to the bondsman completely as form of payment. 

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