The Benefits Of Using A Payday Advance To Pay Your Child Support

If your child support is coming due, and you are short on funds this month, you may be weighing different options. You may be thinking about making the payment late, borrowing money from a friend or taking out a payday advance to cover the payment. There are benefits to each option, and learning these will help you decide which is the best option for you. Here are some of the benefits of taking out a payday advance to pay your child support.

You Won't Be Hit with Penalties, Late Fees and Interest for Paying Child Support Late

Taking out a payday loan is not free. You may end up paying a higher-than-normal interest rate to get the money. However, the benefit to doing this is that you may avoid being hit with penalties, late fees and interest if you pay child support late. The laws for paying child support vary from state to state. Some states have short grace periods, allowing you to make the payment a few days late with no penalties or interest. However, other states charge these fees as soon as the payment is a day late. If you live in a state without a grace period and won't have the money to pay the fee, taking out a payday loan may be cheaper than incurring the cost of these expenses.

You Aren't Letting Your Child or Other Parent Down

Another benefit to taking out a payday advance to pay child support when you don't have the money to pay it on time is that you are not letting your child, or your child's other parent, down. If you consistently pay your child support on time, your child's other parent may rely on that money and count on it being there for use on the day it is due. If you are late with the payment, that can impact their bills or have a direct impact on the items the money is intended to cover for your child. Sure, things come up all the time that people don't plan on, such as extra bills. But taking out a payday loan to ensure your child support payment is paid on time helps ensure your child isn't put into the situation where they may go without anything for a couple of days until the payment is made.

Additionally, it is important to try to maintain a peaceful and civil relationship with your child's other parent. If you are late with the child support payment, or don't have it, this can create a rift or create stress. A payday advance can help you avoid this, ensuring that money doesn't cause the current situation to become hostile or bad.

You Avoid Wage Garnishment

The last benefit to taking out a payday advance to pay your child support is that you can avoid wage garnishment. Many people are under the impression that you need to owe a lot of money in back child support to have your wages garnished. However, this isn't always the case, depending on the state you reside or work in. Some states allow garnishment to begin as soon as one month after a missed payment. And depending on the circumstances, 50 to 60 percent of your paycheck can be garnished to cover past due amounts of child support. Taking out a payday advance helps to ensure that your wages aren't garnished, allowing you to stay in control of your finances.

When you take out a payday advance, you receive money now that is paid back when you get paid. If your child support is due now, but you don't get paid for another two weeks, you may be wondering whether taking out a payday advance is right for you. Taking out a payday advance can help you avoid hefty interest fees and penalties associated with paying child support late, ensures you don't let your child or your child's other parent down, and can help you avoid wage garnishment.

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